Starting any new fitness programs requires attention and dedication. This is especially true of yoga. It is often thought of as easy as and less intense than aerobic exercise. Yoga benefits are quite the same with other exercise types; but just like any other exercise, it is crucial to start slowly… Think of “Baby Steps”.

Deciding to make yoga as your daily exercise is already your first step. Like anything physical, yoga does carry the risk of injury if it’s not done properly. Following yoga tips address how to protect your body while nurturing it at the same time. You have nothing to lose, research the history and the essence of Yoga, and its huge benefits to our everyday lives. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of yoga:

-Be Peaceful: Yoga’s primary goal is peace of mind, fit body, increased flexibility and improved health.
-Be Inclusive:Yoga is a user-friendly activity. It is not only for adults. Children can also use yoga as their daily exercise.
-Be Aware:Yoga requires self-awareness and attention to your well-being.
-Be Silly: Being overly self-conscious and critical is counterproductive in yoga and in life. Have fun! I’ve tried it, it’s effective.
-Be Sensitive: Give your full concentration on how you feel in a pose rather than how you should look.
-Be Childlike: Be willing to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make the better. That simply means you are learning. Children -are most often the fastest learners and, without a doubt, they make the most mistakes. And that’s a fact!
-Be Jolly: Smile at your teacher and fellow students; they could probably use a boost of good energy.
-Be Helpful: Yoga is not a competition with you or with others. Helping yourself will also develop your self-confidence.
-Be Consistent: Practicing yoga religiously will make it easier for you to cope with advanced classes.
-Be Adventurous: Try out different yoga styles. So you will be able to pick what’s your best pose.
-Be Lighter: Condition yourself into a good mood to give you a lighter spirit.
-Be Patient: Learning yoga poses takes time, as well as balancing your body while holding poses. As what they say, “Patience is a Virtue.”
-Be Mindful: Pay attention as you inhale and exhale. Being aware of the breath is a very helpful and significant in yoga practice.
-Be Intelligent: Taking yoga needs work-discipline.
-Be You: Aim towards genuinely rather than perfection.

It is far better to do something at a time of the day that you are in a good mood, rather than to miss out by being too rigid or idealistic. Always remember, yoga is a balanced recipe which maintains: satisfaction with a presence of mind. To get the best from your yoga practice, you should mix and match the various elements of practice to improve your spiritual growth and awareness.