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Tips On How To Overcome Fear In Yoga

Fear shows up most times when you practice yoga. Although the job of fear is to keep us safe as well as out of danger, but in most cases, our fear can stop us from advancing or going deeper in yoga. We cannot escape fear, because it occurs naturally. We cannot also predict when and how fear will show up when we practice yoga, but we can simply use it as a tool for insight as well as transformation.

The most important question right now is how can we conquer fear? Most people approach their fears as something the y should examine and not something they should run from. By following these few steps, you can conquer your fears both on and off your yoga mat.

Identify the fear in you

The first way you can tackle fear perfectly is to identify your fear. Try as much as possible to write them down. You should also observe and document your thoughts about these fears and do well to note your physical reactions to them. Continue to explore, contemplate on it, and document it till you will find out the root cause of your fears. Continue to dwell on it until you discover exactly what causes your fears. Writing is known to be cathartic so this step can even clear off a good amount of your fears and anxiety by itself.


Once you have successfully created the list of things that causes your fear, try as much as possible to contemplate and evaluate each one. Ask yourself questions like; is this fear irrational? Is the fear also healthy or helping to keep me safe? Can I use my current ability and skills to overcome this fear? Do I truly want to overcome this fear? If yes, how much effort am I willing to invest towards achieving it?

Create a working plan and forecast success

Once you have successfully identified as well as evaluated a single fear you wish to overcome, the next thing to do is to create a step-by-step guide on how you can skillfully make progress on conquering that fear. Be very creative and courageous on how to remove fearful elements and think of ways to build confidence in yourself. Try as much as possible to break things down into small steps that are very simple to actualize and move on to simply accomplish your goals.

After you have written your plans, see yourself accomplish all you have written step by step in your plan. This will also prepare as well as train your body and mind to achieve success.

Deepen your yoga practice

Throughout the entire process, ensure that you keep your yoga as well as meditation very strong in order to maintain a calm, focused, as well as centered mind.

Tips On How Newbies Can Enjoy Their Yoga Classes

Should yoga be practiced on a competitive atmosphere? In my opinion, I do not think it should. Yoga is not a practice one can engage in without a course. It is a journey, which is infinite. Just the way we eat food to survive, we also need good physical workout to stay strong. The only difference between food and yoga is that the effort of not eating at all or not meeting the body’s nutritional requirement, occurs in a short term while the effect from not exercising, occur in the future.

You must do everything within your power to keep fit. There are different yoga poses you can try. You can perform them at any location that suits you. It does not matter the yoga pose you are performing or the location, the most important thing is venturing into it in the first place. Regular practice provides enormous benefits to people. This is why yoga instructors would always encourage their students to practice regularly. The benefits are already there, all that is required of you is to key into it by doing your yoga pose right away.

The question now is how can someone enjoy his or her yoga classes?

Keep it fun

Make sure you enjoy yourself in the best possible way you can whenever you step out to practice yoga. Make sure the particular yoga pose that you step out to perform is something you enjoy doing. If the word “arm balance” makes you groan, then it is better for you to shift your perspective. The most interesting thing about yoga and life is that you they both have an asana the so much dread practicing. In some cases, these asanas that we practice are the types that we need to work on the most. In order for us to completely persuade ourselves to continue practicing these yoga asanas, we have to see and practice it as fun. You do not have to take things too serious, or push yourself too hard. Just get playful and you will surely see the results. Laugh when you fall or fail in a particular pose, and enjoy the practice.

Give the buddy system a try

Most times, we find it very difficult to stay self-motivated. It is very easy to overcome this dilemma, only when we are ready to. One way we can achieve such is to go ahead and practice the buddy system. When we find ourselves in situations where we become accountable to other people, we are very much likely to follow through. It might be quite easy to make the decision not to go to that afternoon, vinyasa flow class but it could be a lot more difficult to skip it when you know someone is expecting you to come there.

Remember you are not competing with anyone in your entire yoga class when you practice yoga. you are just there to make yourself look good to the best of your ability.

3 Tips For Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training

So you’ve made the decision to do it. You are prepared to register and pay the deposit for your very first 200-hour yoga teacher training. But the question of where to register for this life-changing encounter needs a little more thought than what studio is closest to your home.

Yoga teacher training is an actually and emotionally complicated encounter where you will undoubtedly force yourself personally while getting into your new role as an instructor. Whether are getting into the training to boost your skills, or in hopes of making a means of income, keep in mind that you are making an investment of time and money into a potentially lifestyle changing encounter.

If you’re prepared to start, but don’t know where to begin, let this yoga teacher training checklist be your help.

Find an instructor (or teachers). The most study you need to do should be the fun part – simply take a lot of different yoga classes! If you are already thinking of the training, it’s likely that you already have a design of yoga that resonates with you.

Notice what you like about certain instructors and what you don’t like. Does the teacher give amazing anatomical cues? Does she talk about the spiritual factors of yoga in a way that moves you? Do you appreciate the way she is ready to help? The point of an instructor training isn’t to become a carbon copy of your teacher, but the teacher you will become is undoubtedly dependent your coaching. Choose your instructors smartly.

Consider your schedule. While many of us have dreams of living the yoga studio lifestyle when registering for training, most aren’t prepared to stop their day jobs just yet. Programs are from two-week intense sessions (where you will exercise and learn from mornings through nights or weeks) to weekend-only programs that are spread out over the course of many months. Time problems and schedule-related pressures will still likely occur, but ensuring that the fundamentals of your routine are in good line with the program you choose will make the process a whole lot smoother.
What and how do you want to learn? While your schedule is important, choosing between an extensive program and a long-term program also has to do with how you want to get this information. Maybe you like the idea of being completely engrossed in yoga for a shorter period. Perhaps you choose to spread out your sessions to allow the learning to integrate more completely into your day-to-day lifestyle. One isn’t better than the other-it just relies on your learning approach.

Ask for a course outline from potential training schools. Is there a lot of real exercises that you will be needed to do? Is the team little enough that you will be getting individual attention? Will there be different professionals to educate you about different topics, or are you spending most of your time with one teacher/mentor? (There are advantages to both.) Is there a lot of lectures? Is there focus anatomy? On the history of yoga? What books will you be reading? What projects will you need to do? Ask yourself what you think is important to know, and ensure that your program satisfies those needs.

Ways To Remain Dedicated To Your Yoga Practice

When we make resolutions or set our goals, we do so with the best intentions. After setting our goals, the next task for us is to keep them. Most times, we find it very difficult to stand up from our bed and start practicing. When you consider waking up to the cold outside and the comfort your bed, you might get tempted to skip practice sometimes. However, when you discover that the newness of your resolve has worn off and you started skipping practice often, how do you remain motivated and dedicated to your course?

The good thing everyone should understand is that it takes a very long time to form a new habit and skipping practice for a day does not mean that you have failed. What it means is that it is time for you to renew your commitment and get back on your mat quickly.

Let us take a look at some tips that will help you stay dedicated to your yoga practice.


The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself what really keeps you coming back to your yoga mat. You can also write down the things that motivates you and post them in a place where you do your practice. Ensure that you put it in a place where you can see them daily. On a constant basis, re-evaluate your list. Maintain those practices that keep you motivated and let go of those that no longer serve you.

Daily readings

Doing short reading at the start of practice can help you set the tone for your practice and prepare you for either yoga asana or meditation. In addition, it can also help you to set the tone for your day or help you in the evening to wind down. Reading will give you some reminder of your goal as well as connect you to the wider yoga community.

Inspirational messages

It is very important to know that listening to inspirational messages throughout the day, which could be short, can help to keep you focused on your goal, and give you an added boost, especially when you may face the temptation of skipping practice.

Sign up for some challenge

You can sign up for a yoga challenge. It could be two weeks or one month long.

Try social media

Social media can also be a great place to find support as well as inspiration. There are many yogis out there, who are looking for consistently talking about their journey and looking for means to connect with other people like them, in order to share ideas.